Thursday, October 31, 2013

Icebreaking duluu...

Como esta usted? First of all I would like to say thank you for making yourself read this very first entry! Yeayy!! Ok enough of that. 
This blog comes into existence after a lecture with a certain lecturer suggested us, students of nutrition and dietetics, should own an informative blog with post2 pasal nutrition that we should share to the readers. To be honest, this blog was created with a 'paksa rela' feeling settling deep inside my heart. "Paksa rela" consists of about 80% reluctance, 20% willingness because I feel unsure of my own incompetence. Cakap pasal diri sendiri boleh laa.... but I tell myself, 'Hey, why not? It might be beneficial not only for others but for myself too!' So I'm trying to stay positive about this to make myself feel good. Haha. Mati aku lecturer tu baca nanti. 
Ok la. Tak nak syok sendiri dah. You know where the Follow button is. But I don't know how to install that widget on my blog yet. Thank you for reading this far and I shall stop my nonsense celoteh right here.
Have a nice day!